Thursday, October 29, 2009

A lot of the people in the church haven't been coming recently... i think it's because of the elections here. our whole town is crazy during voting season... it's so strange, they have like carpools with parties driving honking horns and waving... and the whole road is blocked off right... and we needed to get to an apointment so we joined one...haha and one guy said he saw us ride by on TV haha who knows if he was just joking.
The other day my comp said she wanted to get on the bus, so i was like... ok thinking she had someplace she wanted to go, but she didn't so we just started making contacts on the bus... i think we talked to about six people and went a complete route on the bus and basically returned to the same place we got on! it was kinda funny, but i guess what better way to rest your feet and still talk to people! the busses here are so funny and ugly... the door is open and you basically get on and he drives off while you try to find a seat as you bounce around... we are constantly helping older peolple from falling! haha

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