Saturday, February 6, 2010


Today we got up early and went to a coastal town called Punta del Este. There is a huge hand that is right on the beach, it looks like it’s coming up from below the sand reaching up to the sky. We just went to have fun, take pictures and see the ocean and beach. It is a really beautiful town with a lot of rich homes and buildings and I felt like I was back in Hawaii, only the water was not so beautifully blue... it was kind of brown.

I’m so focused on finding people, when I have a day to just spend as a tourist, it feels weird that people don´t look at me weird, or act extra nice because they think I’m a religious freak!
This is a walking path with trees in Minas. Uruguay is a beautiful place.

And... This is downtown Minas, Uruguay.

There are people in this area than in Durazno - and more members - and another set of missionaries.
December 15th, 2009: GUESS WHAAT!!! I got transferred! Can you believe it... they took us both out of our area in Carmen and are putting elders! I´m in a new city with a new companion named Hermana Medina! She is from Paraguay. We are in a town called MINAS! It´s a lot larger than Carmen, there is another set of missionaries here as well. It´s more city and more people, no cows... no horses... and i feel like I’m living RICH! Ants don’t fall from our ceilings and I get to get my clothes washed 2 times a month! In Carmen I would wash my own clothes in the shower and try to get it clean. And guess what! I’m senior companion. It´s good that Hermana Medina has been here for a while and knows the area.