Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Area: Carmen, Durazno, Uruguay

Carmen is in the middle of nowhere... the bus dropped us off with all my luggage and we were standing in front of a huge feild... its beautiful but small. We live on the edge of the town so our house looks out to the country...i love it. i can hear the birds and the wind. in melo there were a lot of loud motos and autos but here its almost a rarity. they ride horses more than cars i think... my comp showed me pictures of some cool animals they have here... big snakes, and crocodiles... the crocks were dead when she came across them so they had their heads all smashed in. yummy. we find random carcasses too... it's fun. The people here are very country. they all work in compaƱa and they all have a very specific way of dress... with bombachos or pants that kinda look like hammer pants... remember those - all small at the bottoms... well it's so they can put their pants in their tall boots. also they have banchos if its cold, and vests and hats that they wear off to one side.

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