Saturday, February 6, 2010

December 15th, 2009: GUESS WHAAT!!! I got transferred! Can you believe it... they took us both out of our area in Carmen and are putting elders! I´m in a new city with a new companion named Hermana Medina! She is from Paraguay. We are in a town called MINAS! It´s a lot larger than Carmen, there is another set of missionaries here as well. It´s more city and more people, no cows... no horses... and i feel like I’m living RICH! Ants don’t fall from our ceilings and I get to get my clothes washed 2 times a month! In Carmen I would wash my own clothes in the shower and try to get it clean. And guess what! I’m senior companion. It´s good that Hermana Medina has been here for a while and knows the area.

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